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Terms & Conditions: Changeover Modules & Return Surcharge

All of our changeover modules are fully load tested, bench tested and presented in sealed bags which maintains our warranty and certification. The certification process ensures that the module is safe and meets the parameters of the original design of the gas appliance, which is Australian Gas Association certified & approved.


This repair regime has been checked by Energy Safe Victoria and we need to uphold this process rigorously to be able to maintain the service. We therefore cant offer full refunds, SO PLEASE MAKE SURE THE PART IS REQUIRED BEFORE ORDERING.

The cost of retesting and recertifying is around $125. If the product is found to be faulty we offer full replacement at no cost.  The PCB's have full warranty for 12 months.

The PCB's are changovers which means we need to receieve the old board from you BEFORE we can supply you with the PCB you have ordered. Unfortunatly, many customers fail to return their PCB's which means we run out of stock and cant provide the service for others, as most boards are discontinued.  


Unfortunately people have used the service as a swap out diagnostic service which we cant allow to continue as it just wastes everyones time and will mean we will have to discontinue the service.  The service offering and obvious savings have been well received in our industry and have made once costly repairs more viable.


We currently have no restrictions on who can use the service but clearly promote a qualified gas technician needs to diagnose faults before ordering parts, as in the past customers have been perturbed when we explain we cant offer a full refund as we need the returned parts to be recertified to maintain the quality control. 

We trust you understand that we need to make sure we can continue to provide quality and safe products.



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